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the scribbliest bedtime doodle

Fighting evil by moon light

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Tumblr was like a bunch of people in an apartment building all yelling from their balconies, while so far waterfall is like passing the same few people in a bookstore and sometimes having a chat.

testing mobile functions!

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An Anonymous user asked:

Can we expect stocks/some form of supporting the site financially in the future? A few people and I would love to invest into Waterfall when the time comes!

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So the thing about that is the minute there's more than one shareholder, it becomes an actual legal obligation to make it as profitable as possible. That's why you keep seeing startups with what looks like a great ethos and then ac ouple years later they're Just Another Capitalist Hellscape Company after a couple rounds of investment.

It'd be great if I could get money for Waterfall, but I think if I ever sold it off, it'd have to be like... completely, not in peices, because I know I wouldn't feel good about having to do all the sutff I'd have to do in that case. In the meantime there'll probably be a Kickstarter soon to help me fund app development, but other than that I don't know yet.